Protecting The Rights Of Insurance Policyholders

Texas is visited by natural disasters on a regular basis, from hurricanes hitting the gulf coast to tornadoes, fires and hailstorms ravaging the plains. We pay insurance premiums to ensure that we will be able to financially survive and rebuild our lives and businesses after such a disaster strikes. All too often, however, insurance companies do not step up to their end of the bargain when we need the benefits we have paid for.

At The Gardner Law Firm, P.C., we stand up for insured individuals and businesses that have been treated unfairly by their insurance providers. Rockport attorney Mike Gardner has more than 30 years of experience handling complex insurance disputes. He will work hard to make sure you obtain fair insurance benefits you have paid for.

Fighting For The Benefits You Paid For

Insurance companies do not thrive by freely paying the full value of claims. They employ a number of tactics to limit and deny coverage to policyholders. In some cases, they may deny a covered event occurred. In other situations, they may only offer a fraction of the insurance benefits the policyholder needs to recover what was lost.

We are fluent in the language of insurance contracts and will scrutinize your policy to determine your rights and the insurance company’s obligations. Mike Gardner is an experienced trial lawyer who never backs down from a fight when his clients’ rights are on the line.

Talk With An Attorney Who Knows Insurance Law

Whether you have suffered a loss due to hail, flooding, wind, fire, a sinkhole, or any other type of disaster or accident in Texas, our law firm is here to make sure you are treated fairly by your insurance company. To arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced insurance law attorney in Rockport, contact us online or by telephone at 361-727-7065.

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