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Trash Trucks Have Specific Dangers

M Gardner March 2, 2023

Texans understand the need for trash pickup. The trucks that are used to perform this fundamental task are large, noisy and irritating when traffic is slowed because of them. Most people realize the necessity and importance of garbage trucks, but that does not alter the dangers these vehicles present. After an accident with a trash truck, it is important to understand what steps to take.

Trash Trucks and The Risks They Present

Trash trucks are different from conventional passenger vehicles and trucks. They tend to take unusual routes to get to destinations, making frequent stops and starts. It is not uncommon for drivers to be distracted as they go about their business. Some examples of actions that trash truck drivers might take include going the opposite direction on a one-way street, stopping in bike lanes, driving in the wrong lane on a two-way street and straddling a median.

In many instances, violating laws that are in place for conventional driving is required for these truck drivers to complete their duties. It can also place people in jeopardy as they might be hit during one of these maneuvers. A key to showing negligence is if it can be proven that the truck driver did something illegal or should have known that a specific tactic was placing others at risk.

Dealing with Concerns that Come up After Trash Truck Accidents

Proper medical care is paramount when recovering from personal injury suffered in an accident with a trash truck. For those concerned that they cannot pay for adequate treatment or are fearful that the treatment will stop before they are completely recovered, it can be worrisome and financially problematic.

Identifying the entity that owns the truck and whether it is public or private could be critical for those seeking compensation after being injured in a trash truck accident. A crash victim may want to have dedicated, compassionate and professional assistance when in pursuit of compensation after an accident.