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Do Child Safety Seats Still Work After an Accident?

M Gardner March 2, 2023

Parents in Texas and around the world worry about their small children when traveling in a vehicle. Thankfully, child safety seats could prove life-saving when a car or another vehicle becomes involved in a collision.

Regardless of who is at fault, a safety seat could protect the child from harm. Will the same safety seat work effectively if another crash occurs, though? Sometimes, it may be best to purchase and install a new child safety seat after an incident.

Child Safety Seat Recommendations and Vehicle Collisions

Parents and guardians wondering whether to change a safety seat could review recommendations from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The agency suggests replacing any child safety and booster seats after being involved in moderate or severe accidents. However, changing the seat after a “minor” accident might not be necessary unless the manufacturer says to make the switch. Those unsure of the manufacturer’s recommendation may need to contact the company’s customer service office for clarification.

A “minor” accident must meet five specific criteria, such as no one suffered an injury, airbags did not go off, and more. Making assumptions about whether it is “okay” to keep the same seat might prove highly regrettable. Seeking clarification from a trusted source seems advisable.

Legal Matters and Safety Seat Problems

When a child becomes injured in a car accident, the parents could seek compensation from the negligent driver and any other party contributing to harm. Those parties might even include the makers of the safety seat.

The tragic irony could arise upon purchasing a new child safety seat that turns out defective. Unfortunately, products don’t always make it to the marketplace in workable condition. Adults who find themselves involved in motor vehicle accidents and suffer mishaps from the problematic safety seat could sue the manufacturer. Additionally, if someone improperly installed the chair, that could create another liability claim. A technician that does not do a proper job with the installation may face legal consequences.

Motor vehicle accidents could leave parents and their children with severe injuries. A personal injury attorney might assist troubled families interested in seeking a legal solution. The attorney may review the case and initiate action against all negligent parties.