5 common causes of distracted driving

The world is full of distractions and many people – very understandably – find it difficult to stay focused. When driving, for example, the majority of people may not even be thinking about their actions. Unfortunately, as a result of this reality, distractions have a large impact on the large casualty rate of auto accidents each year.

Learning what causes distractions may make you a better, safer driver. What’s causing so many distractions?

1. Texting and driving

The most frequent cause of distracted driving accidents is texting. People have to use both their eyes and hands when texting, which are vital for driving safety. Just having a phone in the car can lead to an accident because many people are thinking about their texts and emails and not the road.

2. Eating and drinking

Many people don’t realize just how dangerous it is to eat and drink while driving – after all, many fast-food restaurants advertise eating while driving. However, eating or a food spill can distract a driver as easily as a phone can.

3. Makeup and hair

For many people, it’s important to arrive wherever they’re going neatly dressed. However, some people don’t have the time to finish their hair or makeup before they get on the road. As a result, they’ll focus more on applying products while driving rather than the road ahead.

4. Radio and AC

One simple mistake people make when driving is adjusting the radio or AC. By reaching out to change the controls, people are leaving themselves open for a collision by reducing their reaction time.

5. Passengers and pets

It’s always nice to have company on the road. Many people have friends, family, kids or pets that they take with them. However, having people – or pets – in the car can cause the drivers to focus more on what’s happening in the car and not on the road.

You can reduce everyday distractions but other drivers may not. If you’re injured in an accident with a distracted driver, then you should understand your legal rights. You may even be in a position to seek compensation for your injuries and losses.

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